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The WorldVentures Advantage Program

The WorldVentures Advantage Program is for WV Sales Representatives who want the best possible array of business tools, communication methods and training systems that WorldVentures has to offer. If you’re serious about fast–tracking your business, this program is for you.

You get 5 major components with your
WorldVentures Advantage Program


A full spectrum contact management and follow-up system that attracts, informs, develops and trains your organization with laser precision. Depend on DreamTeamBuilder to alert you in real-time when you have a prospect watching the movie, videos and when they are on your start page. You can focus on your hottest prospects with all the information you need – when you need it.

Core System Features

Landing Pages

Capture your prospects information

Multiple Video Presentations

Allows you to share specific topics when the timing is right

Contact Manager

Organizes your contacts so you don’t have to

Getting Started Boot Camp

Effective way for you to learn the system quickly

Activity Tracker

Let’s you know where your prospects are in the process and notifies you of their every move

Autoresponder / Email Campaigns

Your fortune is in the follow up. Keep in touch with your prospects even when you're not paying attention.

Email Broadcasting Tool

With the click of the mouse, communicate with all of your prospects

And much, much more

Component 2: Voyager

A power-packed, 48-page bimonthly newsletter chock-full of Representative recognition, success tips, corporate news and announcements and more. Read articles by World Venture’s founders and executive team, see pictures and stories from DreamTrips and Training Events like Millionaire BootCamp, Momentum, the View, Journey and Regional Training Events.

Component 3: DriveTime University: Overdrive and FastLane

Turn your daily commute into a learning center. Every month you receive training CD’s that are jammed packed with the most up to date training, the latest news, highlights from BootCamp, Momentum, the View, Journey, Regional Training Events, and messages from the founders and executive team.

Component 4: Video Training Library

An advanced training area offering the most impressive, effective Network Marketing Training available.

Component 5: SUCCESS Magazine

Includes personal-development audios and videos. The magazine was established in 1891 and over the years has been led by renowned personal-development authors and editors, including Napoleon Hill, W. Clement Stone and Og Mandino. SUCCESS magazine is the premier personal- development title – what achievers read! It’ll be the most trusted source for success information.

“We are very excited to introduce this program! It will provide you the best tools to build your business and be the direct communication link from the corporate office on a consistent basis. We firmly believe that this program will help you to become the best that you can be in business and in life.”

– Dan Stammen CMO / WorldVentures

“The program has really helped in the growth of our business with analyzing the products sold, tracking members ranks and top performers, able to track presentation when watched. It also tracks weekly and monthly statistics for our business which saves us time! It's a great tool!”

– Kari & Lisha SchneiderWorldVenture Reps

“The tracking power of the system has been a great asset to my business. I love that we have the ability to send a video email to a prospect, track when they have watched it, and call them back as soon as they are done. Also the ability to stay in constant contact with my downline by using the "email my downline" tool has been one of the most valuable tools in growing my business.”

– Eric GrzybowskiWorldVenture Rep


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